Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to present a new project to you. For lovers of the beautiful island of Ibiza – both old and new. A blog that will invite you to learn more about this wonderful place.

But first, let me introduce myself: my name is Sofia, I’m passionate about Ibiza, I have lived on the island for over 11 years.

In fact, this island trapped me 11 years ago: it can be a little dangerous to come here… once you put set foot on the Island, it is very hard to leave: its magic energy just brings you back, whether you want to or not. And finally, every time it surprises you with its beauties, secrets and experiences.

An Island where you can find action and tranquillity, normality and craziness, yoga and clubbing, quiet spots and the most incredible Movida.

An Island where gender, race, age, status, just doesn’t matter.

An Island where people can just get together, have fun and more importantly connect and share.

But better, an island where You can be just whoever you want to be, where you can be yourself, without caring about the stresses that too often define our lives.

At least that’s the Ibiza I love and I have experienced, and as it has given so much to me, I would like also You to get to know it.

In Ibiza, some years ago, Myself and some others started a very stimulating and challenging project; we set up a charming and original Casa Rural, where we enable our guests to feel the real spirit of Ibiza. We found ourselves bored of traditional accommodation, where guests just feel like customers, and where the staff are just waiting for the next guest to arrive. We thought that it would have been amazing to go on holiday and find people who take hospitality to the next level, genuinely caring for their guests, because they want them to enjoy the best experience possible.

To create a space where people can share, connect and get to know more about the surrounding landscape.

And so, that is what we try to make here at Las Mariposas. Believe me, it is hard work, but it gives us not only big professional satisfactions, but it lets us meet incredible people, that probably I would have never had the chance to get to know.

So, I hope in this e-space to have the possibility to show you a little of what goes on in and around the Island, maybe you will discover something new, or at least see Ibiza from a different perspective!

Hasta Pronto!


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  1. Vincent Milovito 7 February, 2019

    Dear Sofia, as guests, we can only conclude that you have passed 100% in the above!

    Vincent & Marion, the Netherlands

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